Transforming Downtown Durham

Present & Future Progress

2016 has been a busy year for the construction crews at One City Center in Downtown Durham. We broke ground, dug a gigantic hole (thank you for being patient with us!), and have made a lot of progress along the way. Concrete for the underground parking deck, ground floor retail space, and a section of the future office space have been poured...and things are going up fast!

Below is a look at the progress our crews have made this year and what we look forward to sharing with Downtown Durham in the near future. The 'present' photo (drag right) is from December 2016 and the 'future' photo (drag left) is an artist rendering of the completed project. 

Can't wait to showoff our progress in 2017!

Drag white arrows left and right to see the present and future progress at the One City Center in Downtown Durham.


Hart Roberts

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